April 20, 2020

First Ever Ramadan Lights Challenge – Dearborn, MI

Photo credit: Razi Jafri, Halal Metropolis

Three community organizations are teaming up to host a Ramadan Lights challenge in Dearborn, Michigan.

Halal Metropolis, Michigan Muslim Community Council, and Ramadan Suhoor Festival plan to light up Dearborn this Ramadan with a holiday lights competition. Given Michigan’s shelter in place orders, which have closed the state’s mosques, museums, restaurants, and more, these organizations are hoping to create a bit of holiday cheer and to call attention to the local house decorating practices that make the city’s Muslim community so visible in this special season. 

Residents are invited to nominate their own or their neighbor’s houses by sharing the address and a photo of their handiwork (via this form). We will share these images on social media and ask the public to help us to pick the top 10 houses from each district. Then, on May 11, our judges will also pass by the houses and photograph them. We’ll pick the most creative and interesting houses from each district and award them a certificate. We will also recognize their homes at a ceremony during Suhoorfest 2021. And if a group of neighbors gets ambitious and decks out their entire block, we’ll recognize their efforts as well.

Ramadan 2020 won’t be as busy or as social as it usually is, but this will give people more time to focus on the spiritual side of the holiday – on humility, empathy, and compassion. The Ramadan Lights challenge will augment the work many local organizations are doing during the pandemic to locate and donate PPE to area hospitals, to provide food for hungry families, and to make sure the lights and water stay on for everyone. Throughout the month, we’ll use our social media platforms to highlight these efforts. 

To learn more about the important work we are doing, check us out online or reach out to one of our spokespeople:

Halal Metropolis (IG, FB)

Sally Howell, sfhowell@umich.edu

Razi Jafri, rjafri@umich.edu

Michigan Muslim Community Council (IG, FB)

Muzammil Ahmed, mahmed@mimuslimcouncil.com

Micho Assi, machassi@mimuslimcouncil.com

Ramadan Suhoor Festival (IG, FB)

Hassan Chami, ramadanfoodfestival@gmail.com