The Second Annual Ramadan Suhoor Festival

In 2019 The Ramadan Suhoor Festival took place during the Holy Month of Ramadan for 8 nights, at Hype Athletic Center in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Ramadan is the month where muslims fast from food and drink, even water, from dawn to dusk. It is common practice for Muslims around the world to wake up in the middle of the night for “Suhoor”, which is the meal eaten in the middle of the night before the fast begins. The festival aims to bring the spirit of Ramadan in the middle of the night that you can find in Muslim countries around the world.

The Ramadan Suhoor Festival hosted tens of thousands people throughout the month. Attendees flocked from Ohio, Illinois, New York, Texas and even Canada to name a few. The festival was featured on the New York Times, Washington Post and over a dozen other nationally recognized media outlets.

While the Ramadan Suhoor Festival celebrates an Islamic month, we seek to build bridges across all faiths. We use our platform to instill our 2 main pillars, Diversity and Charity. We welcome and encourage muslims of all denominations and non-muslims alike, to attend our event. With the help of our generous community, in 2019 we raffled off four free Hajj trips and two free Spiritual Retreat trips (Ziyarah). Dozens of Eid toys, gift cards and food vouchers were also raffled off.  In addition to this, a community member also donated 2,000 Quran’s to be passed out to our attendees.

On the final night of the festival, we bid farewell to the month of Ramadan with a Chinese Lantern Ceremony. It was the perfect end to the beautiful month that we were able to enjoy as one community.

We would like to thank the following people who made the Ramadan Suhoor Festival the success that it has become:

Hype Athletics


Dearborn Heights Police

Community Members